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8:48pm 12-10-2021
Prije nekoliko godina sam kreirao neku vrstu sajta Gino-teka koji predstavlja kolekciju mojih putovanja po svijetu. Nadam se da će se i vama dopasti.
5:14pm 08-19-2015
Tibor Temesvari
Dear Nedzad,

We arrived home fortunately. Thank you a lot of help beetween our complicated trip. We were very pleased with your camp.
We thank you for everything once more.

Tibor from Hungary

You understand?
4:27pm 08-10-2015
Tina Jalševac
Prijazen kamp zelo primerno za družino. Mirno, čisto, majhno skoraj butično. Prijazni lastniki vedno pripravljeni za pomoč in nasvet. Če nam Nedžad ne bi še dodatno sugeriral da se ustavimo na slapovih Kravice vprašanje če bi šli. Naš namen je bil ostati eno noč in se odpraviti dalje proti morju vendar nam je bilo tako všeč da smo bivanje podaljšali. Lastnik in njegov oče sta oba zelo prijazna in pripravljena pomagati.Odlična lokacija za ogled okoliških znamenitosti, izvira reke Bune, Mostarja, Međugorja, slapovi Krvaice. Na priporočilo lastnika smo šli v Mostarju na večerjo v restavracijo Šardan in bili smo zelo zadovoljni. Pridemo še!
3:04pm 08-18-2014
Adriaan en Kim - NL
We had a very pleasent stay for a couple of nights. Nedzad gave us some helpfull information about Blagaj / Mostar, his hospitality is huge. I can definitely recommend this campsite. Hope to meat you again.

Adriaan en Kim
10:50pm 07-12-2014
Koen en Susanne
Thank you for a wonderful couple of days! We enjoyed everything at and around your camping (and the soccer games of course!).
We could recommend your campsite to all your future guests!
Take care and we'll keep in touch.
6:25pm 06-09-2014
Gerda Appel
Hey in Blagaj. I want to make a reservation for 4 persons in 2 caravans from monday the 18/8 to wednesday the 20/8 2014.

My husbond and I visit your beautiful place in 2011 and would like to show our friends your wonderfull country this year.

If it is possible, we want to stay together and far away from the bridge.

With love Gerda Appel, Engeriis 47, 6534 Agerskov Denmark.

Tlf. 24263859 - mail: [email protected]
6:22pm 05-12-2014
Goro aka Tara

Kao uvijek i ovaj put bilo je odlično u tvom Kampu!
Nadam se da če još biti prilike ovog ljeta.
All the best as allways!

Goro iz Slovenije
2:41pm 04-30-2014
We discovered this place there two years ago and I remember him as one of the most wonderful camping experience ever. The home is probably what makes this place so endearing. The infrastruture are simple but well thought out and so you are ahead of our desire. Thank you for your kindness and hopefully soon.
7:41am 01-01-2014
A wonderful, friendly and helpful place to stay. :
1:01pm 09-29-2013
Thank you for taking care of us - the Polish group with car trouble We want you to know that we were travelling for the next 12 days and we visited everything we had planned!
Hope to meet you again!
2:41pm 06-20-2013
Marianne Hulsbos
Thank you so much for a lovely holiday.
1:23pm 01-26-2013
Ove Lund
We will visite you in the beginning of september, hav you place for a 5 meter camper+car, we kome 2 persons and a small dog, take a look at the homepage, thats us.
Kindly Ove Lund
6:11pm 12-12-2012
lep pozdrav Neđad.lepi spomini so ostali.Srečno in zdravo 2013 vsem skupaj.Upam ,da se še vidimo.

11:35pm 10-08-2012
Nous avons passé 2 nuits en août 2012 avec nos enfants. Une atmosphère particulière se dégage de ce camping grand comme un mouchoir de poche mais tellement agréable et chaleureux. Une vraie convivialité avec les autres campeurs et un acceuil que nous n'avons jamais rencontré ailleurs.
Nos enfants ont adorés les chats et les ballades sur la rivière. Nous espérons pouvoir revenir un jour. Merci pour vos conseils et votre hospitalité.
Famille Kerdekachian Cherchi
10:59am 09-09-2012
Loeper, Michael
Dear Mstr. Nedzad,
thank you for god time in Blagaj.
Nadja und Michael from Bannewitz near Dresden Germany
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